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The Sled Dog Touring Team is delighted to announce our first public tour, the YB a Big Johnson.

Why are we doing this? We love bikes and the people who ride them well. We also support the Yankee Beemers. Ultimately this is a Yankee Beemer event, we're just handling logistics for our YB friends and family.

Our destination is the 2009 BMW Motorcycle of America's annual rally. This year the rally will be held just outside of Johnson City, Tennessee.

We are taking advantage of our members in North Carolina and Tennessee to recommend some great routes however this is NOT A GUIDED TOUR.

This is not a group ride. While all the logistics of campground reservations and routes will be covered, your journey from site to site will be your own responsibility. Groups of up to four will be encouraged. Recommended routes will be provided along with data files for your GPS. We are also researching making one or two of the days poker runs with some stops at Iron Butt Rally bonus locations if folks want to play. These are places I have been in the IBR where I hated the road because I was on the clock, tired and riding a heavy bike but said "I gotta come back here someday when I can enjoy the road and this far out bonus".

This isn't a ride to meet the Federal Park Police on the Skyline Drive or dodge deer and tourists on the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is a ride that will focus on "small roads" that are not what one would consider the fastest or most direct route. As this is not a guided ride participants will be encouraged to check out maps around the campfire and plan their ride for the next day or simply follow the recommend route.

If you can ride your motorcycle up to 550 miles on the intersate in one day and enjoy 250-300 miles of back roads the following three days all by yourself but would rather hook up with new and old friends this tour is for you. New to camping and motorcycle touring? Don't worry about it, just hang out with the Yankee Beemers and you will learn all you need to know.

We invite you to poke around the site and if you would like to participate hit the registration page.

See you in July!

- Rob Nye


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